Its always interesting to see how car enthusiast including the editiors and writers of car magazines respond when one of the "Iconic" sportscar brands launches one of its lastest models. A good example is the recent rollout from Chevrolet, the 2014 Corvette Stingray at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. A survey on Motor Trend's website showed the new Corvette Stingray(the Stingray name was brought back by Chevrolet after years in retirement) a big favorite over rival Porsche and Viper. Six months earlier you could bet the results would have been different, maybe more even in terms of the voting.  

The point is we generally get excited about "New" and are willing to choose a new and unproven product over a tried and true alternative even when there are risks involved with the newest whatever. Of course when a few bugs or glitches start showing up with the "New" whatever it is (which history has taught will happen) some of the gleen for the product starts fading. Then reality comes around, the latest and greatest "New" product that was supposed to deliver us to the promised land of the product segment is part of "all-the-rest" and our attention wanes (though we are still fans) and product boredom starts to set in. Oh well, just an observation and I'm one of those that gets excited about the "New" especially the new Corvette Stingray.

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Vince Dettore, VP Marketing/Business Operations