Housing values stabilized a couple of years ago and to the relief of many, data is showing home values are on the way up as reported by Bloomberg and other news channels. Following along this trend is the improvement of the Cost vs Value of home improvements as reported by Remodeling magazine. The report shows that the South Atlantic Region which includes Georgia is trending higher than national averages. An example is the return on investment (ROI) of a replacement roof for the nation is now 62.9% compared to 66.9% in our region. The cost vs value (click here to see the chart) of vinyl siding, replacement windows and screened porches are on the way up as well.

Forecasts by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University (click here to see slide show) predict remodeling activity to eclipse record high numbers of the last decade by 2016. What is the take-away from these statistics? For one and for the sake of this blog story, our economy is improving and homeowners are taking notice by reinvesting back into their homes. The value of your home is kept at its peak by making sure the exterior, interior and landscape are always in good shape and visually appealing.

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Vince Dettore, VP of Marketing & Business Operations