If you are a homeowner and are thinking of updating the exterior of your home or maybe looking to purchase a home and there are color and style choices to be made this article is for you. When the updates include either a new roof, windows, siding or any combination of the three you can opt to stick with the current look or you can explore your creative side. Have you considered changing the style of siding, roofing shingles or windows as well as color changes? Here is where a computer, tablet or even a smartphone can help.

Technology now makes decision making easier for home improvement projects with visualization tools. A home visualizer will show you what a new roof, windows or siding will look like on your home or a similarly designed home including various styles and colors.

Home visualizers have been around a while and have improved over the past few years and are now available online for free or through app downloads for tablets and smartphones so you don't have to purchase software. The process of changing the colors and styles through using technology can be a lot of fun and also shared with family members or friends. To help you get started we suggest trying any or all of the three sites listed below by clicking on the link. 

CertainTeed: Visualizer includes roofs, siding and more. Pick from a library of homes or you can upload an image of your own home to customize the look.  An iPad app is also available to download by clicking here. Note that all features may not be available in the app.

Tamko - Visualizer includes roofs, siding as well as other upgrades. You can use the stock homes provided or upload a photo of your home as you can with CertainTeed. iPad users can download the Tamko app here.

Norandex - Visualizer includes windows, roofs, siding and more. Visualize one of many stock homes. You can upload a picture of your home, but Norandex will have to visualize it for you, though at no charge.

To sum up, why not at least take a look at other styles and colors for your home. The cost is free other than your time and you might have fun during the process. Also, you're going to have to live with a home-improvement for a few years so considering an updated look by using some of todays technology is time well spent. If you have any questions about using the visualizing tools give us a call and we will be glad to help. Also, save your results and share them with us when you get ready for an estimate on your home-improvement. Leave a comment and let us know how it worked or if you have suggestions for other homeowners using a visualizer.

Vince Dettore, VP of Marketing and Business Ops