The last couple of blogs have been on maintaining a healthy roof and warning signs that may indicate needing a new roof. This week's blog is about roofing shingle options and the differences. After reading the blog listen to Michael, Revell, Roofing Specialist at Drawdy Roofing & Vinyl Siding in the video below.

For brevity lets compare the two most popular types of shingles, the standard 3-Tab versus architectural also called designer shingles.

First, the traditional 3-Tab XT 25™ shingle from CertainTeed, offers a traditional look and comes in a wide variety of colors. The manufacturers warranty is a limited 25-Year prorated transferable warranty and also comes with the following:

  • 5-Year SureStart™ warranty (100% replacement and labor costs due to manufacturing defects).
  • 10-Year StreakFighter™ warranty (on available colors) against streaking and discoloration caused by airborne algae.
  • 5-Year 60 mph wind resistance warranty.

Architectural shingles come in the widest variety of colors while providing a more elegant look than the traditional 3-Tab. Certainteed offers a warranty as mentioned above but with the following enhancements:

  • Lifetime limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects on residential applications.
  • 10-Year SureStart™ protection (includes labor). Remember 3-Tabs is for 5-Years.
  • 15-Year 110 mph wind-resistance warranty with an available 130 mph warranty available for an additional fee.

Drawdy Roofing & Vinyl Siding offers other types of asphalt shingles including a beautiful Presidential style, but the 3-Tab and Architectural have been our most popular due to value and cost. We will be glad to show you all your shingle options.

In addition to the standard Certainteed warranty, Drawdy Roofing & Vinyl Siding has earned the Select ShingleMaster™ designation from Certainteed allowing us to offer the finest warranty in the industry, the SureStart Plus™ warranty. This warranty provides up to a full 50 years of coverage for manufacturers defects covering 100% of the cost of the shingles (non-prorated) as well as covering the labor costs.

We are ready to help you make your home improvement and roofing shingle decision today. Schedule a Free Estimate by filling out the "Free Estimate" form on our website or by calling us at 229.432.0317. 

Vince Dettore, VP of Marketing and Business Operations


You know that thought in your head when pulling up into your driveway or walking back from the mailbox that says "there's my old looking roof, I'll replace it one day, or I'll keep ignoring it until the roof fairy comes along and brings me a new one." Ok, maybe I'm assuming you have thought those things because I certainly have and I work for a roofing company. The truth is after looking at the benefits from updating your home's roof it is well worth taking the first step and getting an estimate. At Drawdy Roofing we offer Free Estimates.

Home Advisor recently cited a survey that shows a new roof increases the resale value of a home by nearly $12,000.

There are other benefits to replacing a worn out roof.

1) Gives your home a new look and improves the curb appeal. 

2) Energy efficiency. Many of the latest shingles offered today are made to Energy Star® standards including Certainteed's Landmark Solaris™ offered by Drawdy Roofing & Vinyl Siding which means lower utility costs.

3) Reduce the chance of mold. An old roof can leak and sometimes in areas that don't show up initially. Moisture in walls caused by a leaking roof can be a growing ground for mold which can lead to costly structural problems not to mention your health.

4) Peace of mind with a warranty that comes with a new roof (as long as you use a manufacturers approved roofing company). Product warranties typically are 20 - 50 years depending on the type of shingle. Drawdy Roofing & Vinyl Siding, a Certainteed Select Roofer can offer Certainteed's limited lifetme warranty on shingles.

Home maintenance including the roof and the associated costs are typically not at the top of our to do and budget lists, but are necessary to keeping a safe, healthy and efficient home as well as ensuring a premium resale value.

Vince Dettore, VP of Marketing & Business Ops

Housing values stabilized a couple of years ago and to the relief of many, data is showing home values are on the way up as reported by Bloomberg and other news channels. Following along this trend is the improvement of the Cost vs Value of home improvements as reported by Remodeling magazine. The report shows that the South Atlantic Region which includes Georgia is trending higher than national averages. An example is the return on investment (ROI) of a replacement roof for the nation is now 62.9% compared to 66.9% in our region. The cost vs value (click here to see the chart) of vinyl siding, replacement windows and screened porches are on the way up as well.

Forecasts by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University (click here to see slide show) predict remodeling activity to eclipse record high numbers of the last decade by 2016. What is the take-away from these statistics? For one and for the sake of this blog story, our economy is improving and homeowners are taking notice by reinvesting back into their homes. The value of your home is kept at its peak by making sure the exterior, interior and landscape are always in good shape and visually appealing.

Drawdy Roofing & Vinyl Siding can help the homeowner protect their investment with a wide selection of replacement roof, vinyl siding, energy efficient windows and patio additions to fit every budget. In-house financing options are available with Drawdy's easy application process. Click here for more information or to get started. Below is an infograph courtesy of Nationwide Bank on home improvements including DIY projects.

Vince Dettore, VP of Marketing & Business Operations


There are a number of things in life that can send even a usually calm person into a stressful state of mind or a feeling of helplessness. it can be the sudden illness or injury of a child or close family member that causes us to feel out of control. There are many other reasons including an unexpected job loss, but one I have seen first hand at Drawdy Roofing & Vinyl Siding is when a homeowner discovers a damp place in the ceiling or wall due to a leaking roof. 

Our home is where we feel secure, protected, safe and dry. The saying, "keeping a roof over our head" is usually used in the context of a conversation when a homeowner is talking about their ability to provide food and shelter for their selves and family. The family's security is challenged when their is a defect in the home that keeps them out of the elements. It is understandable that a homeowner feel this way.

There are some things a homeowner can do to minimize the risk of a leak. The infograph below courtesy of The Washington Post shows some of the most common areas that can cause a roof to leak and where to look. Preventing a leak can be as simple as keeping leaves from building up in gutters or replacing rotten fascia board. If you experience a leak we can be contacted through our website or by giving us a call to schedule a service call.

Vince Dettore, VP of Marketing & Business Ops



Articles are found all over the internet explaining that a company's number one asset is its employees which we agree 100 percent. Ryan O'Connell, Vice President of Digital Talent Agents says to hire for character and train for skill. He states this is a key component to avoiding high turnover rates. At Drawdy Roofing Inc and our sister company ASM Sheet Metal Inc we agree. It is also our internal mission to help our employees reach their full potential as well as striving to make for a positive working culture.

With that said, we put together a fun video introducing some of our employees. We hope you enjoy meeting who we are and also hope you will give us a call whenever needing a home improvement or any related questions.

Vince Dettore, VP of Marketing & Business Ops