You know that thought in your head when pulling up into your driveway or walking back from the mailbox that says "there's my old looking roof, I'll replace it one day, or I'll keep ignoring it until the roof fairy comes along and brings me a new one." Ok, maybe I'm assuming you have thought those things because I certainly have and I work for a roofing company. The truth is after looking at the benefits from updating your home's roof it is well worth taking the first step and getting an estimate. At Drawdy Roofing we offer Free Estimates.

Home Advisor recently cited a survey that shows a new roof increases the resale value of a home by nearly $12,000.

There are other benefits to replacing a worn out roof.

1) Gives your home a new look and improves the curb appeal. 

2) Energy efficiency. Many of the latest shingles offered today are made to Energy Star® standards including Certainteed's Landmark Solaris™ offered by Drawdy Roofing & Vinyl Siding which means lower utility costs.

3) Reduce the chance of mold. An old roof can leak and sometimes in areas that don't show up initially. Moisture in walls caused by a leaking roof can be a growing ground for mold which can lead to costly structural problems not to mention your health.

4) Peace of mind with a warranty that comes with a new roof (as long as you use a manufacturers approved roofing company). Product warranties typically are 20 - 50 years depending on the type of shingle. Drawdy Roofing & Vinyl Siding, a Certainteed Select Roofer can offer Certainteed's limited lifetme warranty on shingles.

Home maintenance including the roof and the associated costs are typically not at the top of our to do and budget lists, but are necessary to keeping a safe, healthy and efficient home as well as ensuring a premium resale value.

Vince Dettore, VP of Marketing & Business Ops